How to Selecting a Row

  Goal: Quickly select a row in your spreadsheet, there are two ways you can do it.

How to Copy Subtotals

  Goal: Learn how to copy the subtotals to another worksheet. 

How to Entering the Same Data into a Large Group of Cells

  Goal: Fastest possible to enter the same date into a large group of cells.

How to Adding Animation to Spreadsheet

  Goal: Know how to adding animation to your spreadsheet.

How to Changing Gridline Color

  Goal: Change the gridline color to track data easier. 

How to Turn Off the Formula Bar

  Goal: Create more room to view a worksheet. 

How to Cycling the Font Colors

  Goal: Click on the Cycle Font Color Tools to change the font color in the selected cell.

How to Arranging Workbook Windows

Goal: View all the workbooks at the same time and arrange each window as you desire.

How to Unhide the “left-most” columns

Goal: Display the left-most columns in the worksheet. 

How to Color a cell’s Background

Goal: Color a cell’s Background based on the result of the formula.

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