How to Creating Ledger Shading

Goal: Ledger shading is formatting in which rows alternate cell shading between a light color and a slightly darker color.

How to use DSUM Formula

DSUMGoal: Use the DSum function sums the numbers in a column or database that meets a given criteria. Attachments DSUM (14 KB)

How to Finding Differences Between Lists

Goal: To compile a list of the differences between a customer list and an new customer list, resulting in a list of old customers.

How to Dealing with Long Formulas

Goal: Formulas in Excel can be very long. By using Alt+Enter, you can make your formulas easier to understand and less overwhelming.

How to create Free Cash Flow to Equity Excel Template

This model is designed to value the equity in a stable firm on the basis of free cashflows to equity, especially when they are different from dividends paid. Attachments Free_Cash_Flow_to_Equity (28 KB)

How to Lookup More Than One Occurrence of Specified Value

Goal: learn how to lookup more than one occurrence of specified value.

How to use Excel Hlookup Formula

Goal: learn the Excel Hlookup formula learn the Excel Hlookup formula .

How to Viewing Formula Results

Goal: Examining the formulas developed by others, it can often be beneficial to look at the results of a particular portion of a formula.

How to Summing Digits in a Value (666 = 18 )

Goal: Adding the value 666, 6+6+6 adds up to 18!

How to create Sort By Colors Marco Template

Sort_Cell_by_ColorExcel allows you to sort the data in your worksheets by any number of attributes. One of the things that you cannot intrinsically sort by, however, is the color of cells. Attachments Sort_Cell_by_Color (26 KB)

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